How Our Car Storage Works

1. Arrival

We can collect your vehicle from any UK location, or you can bring it directly to us at the Majestic Motors workshop, from where they will be moved to the secure storage facility by Majestic Storage staff.

2. Check in and Inspection

Vehicle inspected on arrival. Depending on service level, fitted with dust cover or within Carcoon storage bay, drip tray underneath. Battery conditioner fitted.

3. Maintenance

Optionally, monthly check over for any drips or leaks and fluid levels checked, engine run to temperature, tyres rolled. Bimonthly road test (weather permitting), all electrical items functional check

4. Removals

Cars may be removed for use at any time during storage term with 7 days prior notice. One movement is included per month: additional removals are charged a £15 admin fee per movement. Collections are also from our main workshop.

Gold and Platinum packages include pre-departure check, including fluid levels and tyre pressures.

Minimum storage term is three months. Payment is by direct debit.