About Majestic Car Storage

Space does not come easy in our crowded modern world.

Many homes are limited to a single garage, which also serves as a storeroom for freezers, dryers, garden tools and more. With people traffic offering a notable risk of damage, the crowded modern single garage is no longer the ideal place to store a classic car.

Car theft is another concern. With classic cars and bikes being stolen to order, storing cars at home can also pose a risk, as thieves follow cars home and return at a later date to complete the job.

Small wonder that so many classic car owners now use secure facilities for the safe storage of their treasured possessions. Renowned Midlands classic restoration specialist, Majestic Motors, is the latest brand to enter the classic car storage market, with a three-tier system of care.

“Customers constantly ask us to look after their vehicle during the winter months or for longer periods and we have many cars already in storage,” says Majestic MD, Ben Thompson.

“Adding this to our own storage requirements for customer cars awaiting restoration or going through the workshop gave us the perfect excuse to take on more space, which we have now done with the launch of our sister company, Majestic Storage Limited. Operating from a spacious facility within easy reach of our workshops near Kenilworth, we’re delighted to offer three levels of secure storage at the new premises.

“We believe the storage packages offer something for everyone, from the simple storage with no maintenance to the Platinum package including regular use to keep everything working. As car people who work with classic cars 24/7, Majestic Motors know how these precious vehicles should be treated and how best to keep them up to scratch. We are obsessive about what we do and strive to be the best. Extending this philosophy to Majestic Storage has given us a dedicated secure storage facility, alarmed, CCTV, and insured. Your vehicle simply could not be in safer hands.

Working in partnership with Majestic Motors we can ensure not only is your vehicle properly cared for but it can be maintained to the highest standards as required.